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ur 2 black 2 cosplay i just wanted to say that


What was that?

D-Did I finally get jack ass to say I was too black for cosplay?

Oh shit.

This is really sudden, my God.

Mr./Ms.Anon, you have no idea how many times I’ve said in front of my cosplay friends, “It’s because I’m black.” Sometimes I say as A joke, sometimes I fucking mean it. I can’t cosplay certain characters and pull it off to be perfect,it’s personally, just I. I know I can cosplay anybody I want! Doesn’t mean I’m going to totally fucking nail it. A lot of my friend’s lie to me a lot about how I look in my cosplays, “You look great!”, “Don’t look that bad!”, “You look really cute.” , “Oh shut up, I’m emabarrassed to be with you.” But they’re friends, they’re supposed to say good things or something nice. I know I’d be 1000x better if I was some what lighter.

But Mr./Ms./ whatever the fuck you are Anon.

Don’t fucking tell me I’m too black to do anything.

I’ve cosplayed the whitest fucking characters and I know I would of been so much better if I was lighter but bitch, I think I did a good fucking job cosplaying this bitch:


Or this bitch: (( and I finally got a good wig for christmas for this bitch and I had a fucking hoop and contacts, this was taken a while ago. One : people barely get the fucking hoops and shit. Do you fucking know how fuckign hard it is to walk and sit in that shit?))

And I think I did a pretty good fuckign job at this bitch:

((it took me hours to do her fucking make-up ))

so dont fucking tell me I’m too black to cosplay anything, I will cosplay everything if I fucking wanted.  I’m not too black for anything, Anon. I’m not a bad fucking cosplayer. I know I’m fucking not, but I’m not one of the best either! I FUCKING know that.

But I cosplay because I want to, I cosplay because it’s a hobby I love with a burning ever fucking loving passion and you are not going to come up in here and fucking say I’m too black to do my hobby. Anon, you can forever fucking suck my vagina because I can give two flying BALLS about what you have to say about my fucking skin colour. I can not change that. If you have anything wrong with my cosplays you can exit out of the tab or if you follow me unfucking follow me because you fucking make me sick, if youre a friend of mine I never what to breathe next to you again. If you have a problem with my cosplays please, talk about the costume not the faws of the person whos wearing it. Some people can’t do anything about that.

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